dnGenre: Detective Fiction, Psychological, Thriller, Supernatural


Light Yagami is a bored young genius, who thinks that everything is evil. His life changes when he finds a note book named “Death Note”. He reads that if a name is written on that book, this person shall die. After trying it on a criminal, he confirms that the Death Note really kills people. He has now the obsession to eliminate all criminal in the world. He meets Ryuk the Shinigami with shock, and Light explains him his plan on becoming the “God of a new world”. The story goes on with Light trying not to be caught by L, the world’s greatest detective.


Light Yagami: The anti-hero of the series. He has this ambition after finding the Death Note to kill every single criminal in the world. He is a genius, and everything that he does goes exactly as he planned.

lightRyuk: He is a Shinigami (God of Death). He is very funny, and enjoys watching light doing his actions. He has this obsession with apples and he can be scary as hell.

ryukL: He is the world’s greatest detective. He can be very strange sometimes, but that’s why we love him so much! He is always without shoes, and loves sweets.

LMisa Amane: She is Light’s girlfriend, even though he doesn’t love her. She is deeply in love him, and like him, she possesses a Death Note. She has the Shinigami’s eyes, which is very useful for Light. She is a Goth singer, annoying as hell, and stupid to let Light influence her.

misaOur opinion:

Another one of the best anime ever! It is really psychological, and all the endings of the episodes are full of suspense. Some of the characters are annoying, but not all of them 😉 (if you see what we mean). The soundtrack is really good, the openings are not bad and the animation is superb.Worth to watch!!

Final Verdict:

Plot: 9.5/10

Characters: 8.5/10

Animation: 8.5/10

Soundtrack: 8.5/10

Enjoyment: 10/10

Total: 9/10

ryuk apple

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