cowboy bebopGenre: Space Western, action, adventure


Spike Spiegel and his partner Jet Black are Bounty hunters. They move with the Bebop spaceship, from planet to planet looking for criminals. During their journey they meet the new Bebop members: Ein (a dog), Faye Valentine and Edward. In this show, they tell the Bebop members past, all of them had a difficult past. So in the show, they deal with their unresolved issues from their past.


Spike Spiegel: A bebop bounty hunter who was a member of the Red dragon syndicate. He once pretended to be dead so he would be with Julia but this plan didn’t work and became Bounty hunter with his partner Jet. Later in the show, he will be looking for Julia but before that he will have to defeat Vicious, an old friend who became his principal enemy. But anyway, he is the coolest and most badass anime character in history!!!! And we all love him!

spike 2Jet Black: He is the leader of the Bebop and a bounty hunter. He was once an Investigator of the ISSP (Intra Solar System Police). Back then he was called “Black Dog” for his tenacity. But one day, he had an incident and lost his right arm.

jetFaye Valentine: She is a member of the Bebop and like the others she is a bounty hunter. When she was 20 years old, she was in a plane which had a rough accident. She survived and stayed in coma for 54 years. When she wakes up she lost her memories all we know is that she was born in Singapore after watching a video she took when she was a child and was sent to her during the show.

fayeEdward: Ed is actually a girl named Françoise. She is the hacker of the Bebop. She is very smart. She rarely walks, she usually runs, walks on her hands… She makes strange poses as well. She talks like child and says silly exclamations.

EdEin: he is the pet of the series. He is a super intelligent Pembroke Welsh Corgi. He was bought by Jet and Spike after they failed capturing a bounty.

einOur opinion:

A fantastic anime even though this anime is mostly watched for Spike’s coolness and badassness. This show is quite old but the animation is quite good. The soundtrack is western music and it is very good. The opening is epic and the ending is a bit annoying. The characters are nice but some of them are sometime a little annoying. But WE ALL LOVE THIS ANIME!!!!!

 Final Verdict:

Plot: 8/10

Characters: 8.5/10

Animation: 7.5/10

Soundtrack: 9.5/10

Enjoyment: 10/10

Total: 8,7/10


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