Genre: Drama, romance, school, comedy

On his way to school, Tomoya Okazaki finds a girl of his school he has never seen before. They start to know each other. The girl named Nagisa Furukawa, told him that she wants to restore the theater club so Tomoya helps her finding members and an advisor for the club. There are other who will help Nagisa, Tomoya’s best friend Youhei, the Fujibayashi sisters, Kotomi and the new student council president Tomoyo.


Tomoya Okazaki: He is the show’s protagonist. He is a senior student. After his mother’s death,Tomoya isn’t a good student, spends the night ouside and doesn’t get along with his father. He is loyal to his friends and he doesn’t hesitate to help them very often.


Nagisa Furukawa: A senior student. She is very shy and unconfident. Because of a sickness the previous year, she had to repeat the schoolyear. She tries very hard to find new friends and she becomes one with Tomoya. She also tries to restore the theater club.


Kyou Fujibayashi: A senior student. She has a strong personality and is very outgoing but surprisingly good cook. She is very protective towards her twin sister, Ryou, and her pet, Botan. She was in the same class as Tomoya the previous year and despite the fact that they are in different classes, they are good friends. She is in love with Tomoya.


Ryou Fujibayashi: A senior student. She is Kyou’s twin sister. Unlike her sister, she is shy and a bad cook. she is in the same class as Tomoya and her class representative. Like her sister, she loves Tomoya.


Tomoyo Sakagami: A junior student. Rumors says that she is violent and caused a lot of problems in the past. She changed when her brother, Takafumi, was hospitalized after their parent’s divorce. She came in this school to change and delete the image of her violence but she meets some difficulties. Thanks to her coolness, she is very poupular and loved by her schoolmates.


Kotomi Ichinose: A senior student.She is a genius girl and because of her intelligence she is provided from class. In fact, she spends a lot of time in the library reading books. She is shy, not social and doesn’t have friends. It is said that she is Tomoya’s childhood friend.


Youhei Sunohara: A senior student. He is Tomoya’s best friend. Youhei is pretty stupid and childish. He spends his time doing anything stupid and annoying Kyou and Tomoyo who give him the correction he needs. He lives in the boys dorm where Tomoya and his little sister Mei, often visit him.


Fuuko Ibuki: A Freshman. She is a starfish fan and spends her time sculpting starfishes to give them to the other students to celebrate her sister’s wedding. She is childish and very annoying as well. (!!!SPOILERALERT!!!) She is the ghost of the girl that had a car accident that everyone is talking about.


Mysterious girl: She is a girl in another world that ended. She lives alone with a robot she has made with her own hands. She has the ability to collect metal pieces and with them she builds things (like the robot she lives with). We know her identity watching Clannad’s second season (~After Story~).


Our opinion:

A fantastic anime but very dramatic and sad sometimes. It is also funny and really entertaining. The opening is enjoyable and quite original and its soundtrack in general is very good as well. There are sad and happy themes and they are all well done. The ending is the theme of the dango family. The animation is amazing as well.

Final verdict:

Plot: 7/10

Characters: 8/10

Animation: 9,5/10

Soundtrack: 9/10

enjoyment: 8.5/10

Total: 8,4/10


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